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About Us

We're a family of six located in Clovis, California by way of Ohio. With three sons and one daughter I know a little about clothing. We go through an entire load of it every single day. We've had our trials, errors and never buying that agains. I started buying wholesale for our family and my photography habit in 2016 out of boredom. I was tired of what I was seeing in the stores, tired of paying what felt like five times the value of the clothing I was purchasing and generally tired of spending so much time shopping.

With our daughter, Dear Gracelynn was born. This website is kind of my vow to her - to always love what you do, cherish yourself, pursue your passions and never give up.

I hope that Dear Gracelynn will serve as a reminder to you to do these things too.

Our kiddos, Elias, Eliana, Ethan and Ian are our inspiration, hope, love and joy.